Messages from Consul General at Denver


2021 New Year Greeting from Consul-General Takeuchi


     I would like to offer my wishes for a very Happy New Year to everyone in the Rocky Mountain region, and for the good health of all.

     There are no adequate words we can use to describe the year 2020.  Our lives have changed drastically.  I would like to express my deep condolences to those who have lost family or friends due to COVID-19 and a prayer for the swift recovery of anyone continuing to suffer from its effects.  I renew my deepest respect and appreciation for the medical staff and front-line workers who treat patients, and even now bring hope for ending this pandemic by delivering and administering vaccines.

     In the past year, we have done our best to keep the Consulate office open and maintain services, introducing an appointment system for consular services and maximizing the use of telework by our staff in the effort to minimize the risk of infection.  We were not able to visit New Mexico or Utah to provide onsite consular service as we regularly do.  We apologize for inconveniences these changes may have caused, and appreciate your kind understanding.  We continue to make it a top priority to provide updates about border enforcement measures and entry restrictions undertaken by the Japanese Government due to COVID-19, and to provide information useful for the safety of the Japanese community through our home webpage and consular email notifications for those registered with us.  In the winter of 2021, we are still coping with surges of COVID-19 here in the US, in Japan, and around the world
・燦e promise that serving the needs of our Rocky Mountain community is the foremost mission of our work, and we will continue to strive to meet high expectations in this regard.

     I would like to emphasize that the importance of the US-Japan relationship stands firm, as does the need for further strengthening of our relations for the sake of regional and international peace and prosperity.  Japan Prime Minister Mr. Yoshihide Suga assumed his post last September, whereas President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th President of the United States of America on January 20th this year.  We believe that our new leaders will help us to together overcome this pandemic, address global issues and make our relations better for the coming new era.  Japan is preparing to host the once-postponed Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics Games this summer in a safe and secure manner, as a symbol of world unity.  It is our sincere hope that these Olympic Games may serve to witness a brighter future for the world, as well as project an updated image of reality in Japan, including the recovery of areas affected by the Great Tohoku Earthquake in 2011. 

     Here in our Rocky Mountain region, sister cities Colorado Springs and Fujiyoshida will celebrate the 60th anniversary of their relationship in 2021; Broomfield and Ueda mark their 20th; Longmont and Chino their 35th; and Albuquerque and Sasebo their 55th year of relations.  I would like to praise and thank all those people who have contributed to promoting mutual understanding and friendship through these exchange programs as well as academic exchange at all levels.  I offer my best wishes for the continuing success of this human interaction between our two countries.

     Over these past months, many events and activities have been transformed to virtual events as we have taken advantage of technology to sustain our daily work and life.  To make the best of this situation, I will engage fully with the things that we can do successfully now.  Further, I am determined to learn deeply about the history, people and institutions of this region, to strengthen our relations and cooperation between us even more.
€Together with my staff in the office, I look forward to raising the visibility of Japan and to working with you all toward growing US- Japan relations in this new era.   Thank you very much.

Midori Takeuchi (Mrs.)
Consul-General of Japan in Denver
January 15, 2021


Greeting Message from Consul-General Takeuchi

Message from Mrs. Midori Takeuchi, Consul General of Japan at the 75th Anniversary of the End of WWII



We mark this 75th anniversary of the end of World War II in the midst of a fight against COVID-19.  

Thinking of the suffering and great loss of precious lives, I would like to convey my grief and offer profound condolences for all victims of World War II, both civilian and military, in all corners of Asia and the world, of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, air raids on Tokyo and other cities, and the ground battle of Okinawa, among others.

With deep regret and sincere apology since then, Japan has firmly upheld the principle that any disputes must be settled peacefully and diplomatically, based on the rule of law and not through the use of force or aggression, and reached out to other countries to do the same.  We have pledged our efforts toward building peace and prosperity of the world and never again engaging in war, believing the world should renounce colonialism and embrace the right of self-determination.  We remember and deeply appreciate the goodwill and support so kindly given to us for the reconstruction of our country, so we are fully determined to extend the same generosity to others in need.  

Once foes, the United States and Japan have now become trusted allies.  For this, we pay tribute to our predecessors for their wisdom, courage, and vision, and to the efforts of our governments and people of both our countries.  Based on our shared commitment to common values such as democracy, respect for human rights, and the rule of law based on an international order, our Alliance has played and will continue to play an integral role in ensuring peace and security for our two countries, while realizing our common vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific region.  Our Alliance is strong, broader and more essential today than ever.

Since my arrival in Colorado as Consul General, I have met so many people who have learned the lessons of history and take action to build a better future.  I endeavor to work closely and passionately with them and will forever be an ardent learner of Japanese American history, having great respect for the sacrifice of the Nisei veterans to prove their loyalty to this nation, the success of the redress movement to further strengthen its democracy, and the younger generations who carry on this legacy.  Between our countries, people to people exchange and sister city relations also help pave the way in building a strong human foundation for peace.  On this hallowed anniversary, I remain determined in these ways to work toward promoting greater peace and prosperity of the world.  

I believe in hope for the future, and we shall overcome.  We shall overcome the impact of this current pandemic that is inflicting such tremendous damage.  Japan, the United States, and all countries of the world will work together, guided by persistent wisdom and science, to fight this crisis. I would like to renew again my appreciation for the medical workers and all those on the front lines of this battle, the essential workers and people who support our daily life.  I am grateful for the efforts of governors, local leaders and other authorities in charge who continue to engage with this difficult situation, and pray for the safety and health of all of you.  

Midori Takeuchi
Consul-General of Japan in Denver
August 15, 2020