Consular Services

The Consulate-General of Japan in Denver will offer its Consular Services in New Mexico as follows:


If you have any questions or need instructions related to consular services, please call the Consular Section at 303-534-1151.

Consulate-General of Japan in Denver
1225 17th Street, Suite 3000
Denver, CO 80202
Phone: 303-534-1151
Fax: 303-534-3393


Consulate-General of Japan
1225 17th Street, Suite 3000, Denver, CO 80202
電話:(303) 534-1151〈領事班まで〉
Fax:(303) 534-3393

Change of Consular Fees
April 1, 2014

       WARNING against fictitious Certificate named Kanpukin Zandaka Kakuninsho
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 Application for Japanese Passports for Minors

Regarding the application for Japanese passports of minors, Japan issues passports by having a signature of a custodian as a legal representative to the application form.


However, if the other parent has expressed his/her disagreement on the issuance of the child's passport to the Japanese Embassies or Consulate Generals beforehand, the passport will usually be issued after the verification of the consent of both parents. In this verification process, the Japanese Embassies and Consulate Generals check with the parent who disagreed beforehand on the issuance of child's passport whether he/she is now willing to submit a "Letter of Consent for an Application of Passport".


In (country, state etc.), the taking a child under (age) abroad without consent of his/her spouse who has custody may be accounted to criminal liability. In fact, there are cases in which taking parent was arrested in charge of child abduction when she reentered a country, or a taking parent was placed on the international wanted list of ICPO. To prevent Japanese citizens from such disadvantages, the Japanese Embassy (the Consulate General) is checking verbally to confirm the existence of agreement of both parents on the application for child's passport, even if there is no declaration of disagreement from one parent. Thank you for your understanding.


    New Mexico Driver License (September, 2011
            Foreign Nationals New Mexico Driver License Requirements
    Once you have established residency in New Mexico, you need to make an appoinment with a State MVD field office. No exception.
            Required documents you need to bring to the appointment:
               one (1) proof of identification number, and
                one (1) proof of Identity, and
                two (2) proofs of New Mexico residency
 If you are not eligible for a social security number, you will need to bring the following documents.
                 one (1) proof of indentification number - No SSN, and
                  one (1) proof of identity - No SSN, and
                  Two (2) proofs of New Mexico residency
 Indentification Number Documents
                 Social Security Number card or
            two (2) documents to verity the applicant's SSN
                1. a U.S. , state, local government issued medical card
                2. a statement from a federally regulated financial institution
 Foreign national who are unable to obtain a SSN must produce
               1. a valid passport or
               2. an individual tax identification number (ITIN) card or the applicant's letter from IRS issuing the ITIN with valid passport.
 Identity Document
    an original or certified copy of a foreign birth certificate with a notarized English translation.
Koseki will be accepted with the same requirements as above.
N M Residency (2 documents required)
  •  real property rental agreement or purchase agreeement
  •  a utility bill
  •  an insurance bill
  •  a bank statement
  • an employment pay stub
  • local property tax statement or mortgage documents
  • current, valid motor vehicle registration
 You will also be required to take the following tests:
  • Eye Test
  • Written Test
  • Road Test
  Fees for a NM Driver License
        The fee is $18.00 for a four-year license or $34.00 for an eight-year license.