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 Zia Sun
The yellow field and red sun symbol colors are of the colors of Spain. The sun symbol has a significant importance to the Zia pueblo's religious beliefs. The circle of the sun represents the circle of life and love. The rays represents four cardinal directions, four seasons, four parts of the day, and the four stages of life.
      Santa Fe
       Las Cruces

 Web Japan (fun, flavorful, fascinating)   
JICC Japan Information & Culture Center

        The Rising Sun
 The Japanese flag was offically adopted on January 26, 1870. The centered sun symbol of the Japanese flag has been an important part of Japan's flag for thousands of years. The white background representative of honesty and purity.                                                   
     Tsu City, Mie Perfecture

Santa Fe-Japan Art & Culture Exchange Program (JACEP) was established to promote and support artistic and cultural interactions between Japan and Santa Fe, New Mexico.   

    Santa Fe Japan JIN (JIN: Japanese Intercultural Network)
    Shimpuryu Shingyokukai New Mexico
     "Traditional Japanese Poetry Singing"
      Michiko Masuda Pierce Sensei
               (505) 831-9573

        " Let "Shigin" by Skype
        Yoko Seto Tedda, Sensei
        (505) 710-5821

    Miyagi Ryu Nosho Kai, New Mexico Branch
     "School of Okinawan Dance & Music"       
        Sanae Wright, Sensei
         (505) 298-3163 
    Miyagi Ryu Okinawa Dance Group
        Yaeko Miyazato, Sensei
        (505) 332-3294
      JTB (Japanese)
      IACE Travel (English & Japanese)
      Santa Fe Japan Connection, Inc. (English & Japanese)
      Arigato Japanese Instruction       
      Gallery Sedona
      Hanayagi  The Japanese Garden Shop 

     Japanese Experts Japanese Instruction Business / Japanese Business Consulting      
      Kinesio USA LLC    
       Miya Pottery 


             Aya's New Asian            

      Magokoro ( Kokoro ) Japanese restaurant   

        Mogu Mogu Japanese Family restaurant

       Nagomi    Japanese Restaurant   

               321 Johnson St., Sanat Fe, NM
                (505) 982-9708

              Sushi Hama
               2918 Eubank NE, Albuquerque, NM
              (505) 293-6055               
  Organizations, etc.
        To promote and preserve the diverse cultural customs and heritage of the Asian American communities in New Mexico.
        To contribute to the better social well-being of Asian Americans in New Mexico.
        To promote and support the economic progress of the Asian American communities in New Mexico.

       The New Mexico Asian Family Center is a place for Asian immigrants and their families to share their concerns, to learn about their own and others’ cultures, to build supportive networks, and to increase self-sufficiency.

     NM Japanese American Citizens League (NMJACL) 
a mission to secure and uphold the civil and human rights of all people. Its mission also includes preserving the cultural heritage and values of Japanese Americans and promoting the development and understanding of all social and ethnic groups.