Lorie Brau
      Associate Professor of Japanese, University of New Mexico       
                       Dr. Kenzo Kase
         Kinesio Tex Tape and Kinesio Taping Method developed by Dr. K. Kase. 
            President of Kinesio Taping Association
            President of National Chiropractic College Japan
            Director of Japan Chirpractic Society
            Vice President of Japan Sepaktakraw Federation 
                             Maki Kimura - Residency Music Director

Kimura received her M.M. in both Piano Performance and Collaborative Piano from the University of New Mexico, where she won the 1st place prize in the UNM 2006 Concerto Competition and graduated with distinction honours.

In 1990, she was dispatched to Paraguay as part of the Japanese Government’s Technical Cooperation Program and gave numerous concerts while teaching music. She often appeared in major newspapers and her performances were broadcast nationally. Completing her three year mission, she received recognition from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Mayor of San Pedro for her achievement in Paraguay.

After returning to Japan, she became an active freelance pianist and also taught piano at Tsurumi University. Greatly in demand as a chamber musician, she has also been a contributor on numerous competitions and concerts. Kimura joined NDI-NM in 2007 and has served as Residency Music Director since 2008.

                             Mayor Ken Miyagishima, City of Las Cruces
                           Hiroshi " Hershey" Miyamura, Congressional Medal of Honor
                             Yoshiko Shimano
                                    Associate Professor of Printmaking at UNM's Art & Art History.
                             Shimano's works has been exhibited extensively in Japan, Canada, and the United States.
                             Her works convey her commitment to peacemaking and the desire to create a World where
                             people live together in thoughtful harmony.
  About My Washi Art...
        "My Washi Art is prepared by hand-made Japanese rice paper call Washi which have unique fibers and characteristic textures. I tear them into pieces using fingers to make fuzzy-outlines which naturally creates delicate and graceful expressions, completing my work on paper without any oil or color paints at all.
        I dedicated to training myself to create my own style in the Art World. I have been truly fascinated with the feeling of Washi. It always brings a healing air into the core of my heart.
   I believe that my meeting with Washi was a fortunate encounter for my life."  ...Tomomi
                          Ruth Hashimoto
        Ruth Hashimoto instrumental in establishing the Albuquerque Sister City program in 1965 with the first Sister City of Sasebo, Japan, received  Japan's Fifth Order of the Precious Crown , NM Women's Hall Fame,  Santa Fe Living Treasures, and many more awards & Honors.